agile software development services

Whether you require additional resources to supplement your in-house team, a specialist in a particular area or a team to undertake a full project, we tailor our service to suit your needs, providing a cost effective, low risk and flexible way to deliver your project.

We combine the productivity benefits of an agile, iterative approach with the robust project management aspects of more traditional software development methodologies

how we can help

Onsite collaboration

We can supply teams of analysts and developers to work onsite alongside your in-house IT team, providing additional resource on an ongoing basis or for a specific project.

You have full control over the amount of resource you require meaning your team can scale up or down to suit business requirements. Critically, the business and system knowledge built up by the team is retained and can be called upon again at a future date, something that cannot be guaranteed when using Contractors.


Specialist skills

We can provide individual specialists for projects requiring a particular skill or technology not covered by your in-house team.


Project outsourcing

We can take on a software development project in its entirety, providing a full service including analysis, design, project management, development and testing.

We can then support the system on-going or we can work with your in-house team to transfer knowledge, enabling them to continue supporting the system internally.



A significant part of our business is providing software and application support for our clients.

We support software developed by STCS and also systems developed by internal teams or other 3rd parties. We have extensive experience of reviewing and documenting existing software systems to enable us to take over the provision of support and further enhancements for those systems.

"Our flexible approach to software development outsourcing has many advantages and by providing a reliable service to our clients we have managed to build long-term relationships that we are very proud of."

John Wiseman - Managing Director, STCS