business analysis

When discussed in connection with software, websites or web applications, business analysis is about ensuring that you are solving the right problem in the right way and can be key to the success of a project.

A business analyst works closely with stakeholders and users to first understand the existing situation and then to discover the best way forward in terms of new system functionality. This ‘best’ way will take into account technical possibilities, budget and time constraints, user experience (UX) considerations and any other external forces acting on the project.

It is very rare for a software system to operate in complete isolation and a business analyst will also determine how the proposed new system or function fits into the overall information strategy of your organisation.

how we can help

Your software project would be led by an experienced business analyst from the outset so that we can advise on a suitable approach for the size of the project and so help ensure we maximize the return on your investment.

Through our workshop approach you will be involved in the project from the very beginning ensuring that you feel in control of costs and the direction of the project, and so arrive at the desired solution. Our analysts will help protect against project inefficiencies, wasted resources or in the worst cases, pursuing a system solution that leads to a dead end.

We include business analysis automatically in all of our software and web projects but we also provide business analysis as a stand-alone service to scope a project or to specify a system solution in more detail.