database design and development

Databases underpin the majority of commercial software systems and where databases are large or relatively complex good database design can lead to higher system performance and reduced support costs.

We expect our online systems to respond quickly to our requests and provide information without any delays. The response of the database component is often the critical factor in determining how well an application performs.

Tuning the database design and the associated database queries will often make a much bigger contribution to speed of system response than the server or infrastructure.  Therefore, if you have issues with application performance, ensure your databases and database queries are well designed and optimised before you embark upon major server or infrastructure investment.

In terms of investment, software powered by a well-structured and optimised database is generally less expensive to create and more importantly, easier to maintain.

how we can help

STCS can draw upon the experience of several of its staff who each have over 20 years of experience building software based upon well-designed databases.

This background helps ensure that good database design is part and parcel of all of our bespoke software development and so you can reap the benefits of cost-effective software development, good system response times and inexpensive server infrastructure.

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