Digital Outcomes and Specialists

The Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework provides public sector organisations with a simple, clear and fast way to procure specialist services to support digital transformation projects.

Requirements range from the supply of a full development team for a specific project (an Outcome) to individual Specialists to augment in-house teams.

DOS sits alongside G-Cloud and Crown Hosting in the Digital Marketplace and is divided into 4 separate categories of service:

Digital outcomes | Digital Specialists | User research studios | User research participants

One key aspect that sets this framework apart from traditional routes is that it actively encourages pre-market engagement with suppliers to help inform and shape the buyer’s requirements.

STCS are eligible suppliers in both Digital Outcomes and Digital Specialists categories.

digital outcomes

STCS can provide Agile development teams to build and support digital services at all stages – discovery, alpha, beta and live.

A digital outcome team could be engaged to provide skills in:

  • User experience design
  • Performance analysis and data
  • Security
  • Service delivery
  • Service development
  • Support and operations
  • Testing and auditing
  • User research

digital specialists

STCS can supply individual digital specialists to work within your existing team to deliver a specific service, programme or project.

Our digital specialists include:

  • Business Analysts
  • Product Managers
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Technical Architects

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