central and local government

We have a wealth of experience working within the Public Sector and have forged long-term partnerships with a number of our clients.

We understand the many restrictions and constraints placed on Government IT departments and the challenges they face managing software development programmes.

STCS are listed on both the GCloud and Digital Outcomes and Specialists frameworks, providing our public sector clients with streamlined and cost effective ways of engaging our services.

Our project experience covers a broad spectrum of systems and domains including:

Рhigh volume transactional systems handling £billions annually

– financial systems for high profile Government initiatives

– project control and management applications

– online conveyancing application portals

– data warehouse and reporting applications

– supplier management and interaction portals

how we can help

With over 20 years of experience working in the Public Sector we know flexibility is the key to success and we tailor our services to the unique requirements of each of our clients.


We can provide teams of analysts and developers to work onsite alongside your in-house IT team, providing additional resource on an ongoing basis or for a specific project.

You have full control over the amount of resource you require meaning your team can scale up or down to suit business requirements. Critically, the business and system knowledge built up by the team is retained and can be called upon again at a future date, something that cannot be guaranteed when using Contractors.

Specialist skills

We can deploy individual specialists for projects requiring a particular skill or technology not covered by your in-house team such as GDPR Auditing or Data Architect.

Project outsourcing

We can take on a software development project in its entirety, providing a full service including analysis, design, project management, development and testing.

We can then support the system on-going or we can work with your in-house team to transfer knowledge, enabling them to continue supporting the system internally.


A significant part of our business is providing 2nd and 3rd line software and application support for our clients.

As well as supporting software developed by STCS, we also support systems developed by internal teams or other 3rd parties. We have extensive experience of reviewing and documenting existing software systems to enable us to take over the provision of support and further enhancements for those systems, relieving the burden on internal teams or filling a gap left be previous suppliers.

Homes England

STCS have partnered with Homes England for over 20 years, working alongside their in-house IT team to deliver multiple systems, applications and portals. Our current team consists of Business Analysts, Technical Architect, Developers and Testers.

Our relationship with Homes England began when we were commissioned to rescue a software project which had stalled and was in danger of failing. Our remit was to review, rationalise and complete the project before providing ongoing support and enhancements.

We are now a trusted strategic partner in Homes England’s software development programme, helping to deliver many systems that support high profile Government initiatives.

see the full profile of the work we do for Homes England