catalogue eCommerce store and bespoke customer portal

Statebourne Cryogenics are a leading manufacturer of cryogenic storage systems and peripheral equipment, supplying customers worldwide from their factory based in Washington, Tyne & Wear.

the project

Statebourne required a new online presence to enable them to realise their export potential and attract new customers both nationally and globally.  A new website and customer portal has been developed as a collaboration between STCS and our design partner Halogen Creative. Halogen, working closely with Statebourne, provided the design and the look and feel of the site, while STCS were responsible for customisation of the WordPress / WooCommerce CMS to provide catalogue style functionality and development of a fully bespoke stand-alone customer portal.

The clients existing web presence was a basic website with links to various PDF documents containing technical specifications for their products. The main requirement for the new website was to provide customers with the ability to place orders online for cryogenic equipment and associated products. Due to the specialised nature of the products Statebourne manufacture, it was decided that a full e-commerce function was inappropriate as it would be unlikely that a new customer could decide on the exact product they needed without a discussion with Statebourne about their requirements.

our solution

The solution was to develop catalogue style e-commerce functionality that allowed Statebourne to showcase their products and cross sell related items. Customers can now populate an enquiry form with the products they are interested in and submit that with any questions they have to Statebourne. The order is then discussed direct with the client to confirm they have selected the correct products for their requirements before it is processed.

In addition to the website the client required a web based portal for their existing customers to access technical documentation and manuals. This system was also to be used for re-sellers in foreign markets to access the technical information required when selling to new customers.  This was developed as a stand-alone, bespoke system accessed through the website via a username and password. The structure of the backend CMS allowed for documentation to be uploaded once and then assigned to various customer accounts to be viewed. This ensured customers only had access to documents that were relevant to them and it also allowed for strict version control with any updated documents only needing to be replaced in one location. The system also allows for commercially sensitive documentation such as pricing information that is specific to a customer to be uploaded and made available only to that customer. The CMS functionality for this process was kept separate from the generic document upload to ensure additional security and reduce the chance of sensitive documents mistakenly being uploaded to generic categories.


Since going live, the website and portal have led to an increased level of enquiries and sales worldwide including countries that Statebourne had not previously exported to. The addition of a ‘live chat’ function on the website further increased their ability to interact with customers across the world.

technology stack

WordPress/WooCommerce, PHP, MySQL, Javascript / JQuery, HTML5, CSS3

graphic design

WordPress / WooCommerce

custom catalogue

customer portal

system integration

website enquiries increased from 32 to 512 within first 12 months

94% of clients are using the private portal increasing repeat business