Homes England – Milton Keynes Tariff System

“A big thank you for all the hard work you put into developing the new tariff management system, especially given the timescale we were working to and all the other ongoing Homes England work at the same time. Audit Committee were extremely impressed with what has been developed and the fact that this had been achieved before the transfer to the Homes England. I know via David that you all worked extremely long hours in order to meet this deadline, so thanks again from me and the rest of my team”

Carol Cairns, Operations Manager, Milton Keynes Partnership

Disclosure Scotland (BT)

“Congratulations to STCS and the Disclosure Scotland team which has just completed a highly successful new release. The release was wide-reaching and had an impact across the entire system, requiring changes to the core Disclosure application, scanning sub-system and the Basic Disclosure online service. However, due to the thorough planning, hard work and dedication of the Disclosure Scotland team and consultation with the customer throughout, the release went smoothly and was completed within the agreed timescales. Brian Gorman, Head of Disclosure Scotland, was extremely satisfied and described it as a dream implementation.”

BT Programme Manager responsible for Disclosure Scotland

Homes England – Project Control System

“We are very committed to our relationship with STCS and are appreciative of our long track record of successful partnership – the results speak for themselves. We are looking forward to taking this forward into Homes England in a way that is highly effective for both parties.”

David Wilson – Head of IT Service Development, Homes England